BDS and the Future of Israel

By Dan Rabinowitz, Professor of Anthropology at Tel-Aviv University, and currently the head of the University’s Porter School of Environmental Studies. Served as President of the Israeli Anthropological Association from 1998 to 2001.

December 1st 2014


“I, an Israeli anthropologist, support these four demands. In fact I am on record making similar suggestions. I am troubled however by the impasse the petition, and BDS’s strategy at large, create here. It makes me wonder whether this movement might damage reconciliation rather than enhance it.”


“Clicking support for an online petition is easy, and emotionally gratifying. But people of good will watching Israel/Palestine from afar should act responsibly, and carefully consider the consequences their support might have. They certainly must not endorse a ploy designed to neutralize Israeli academics, a group consistently committed to the Herculean effort to forge some common ground.”

Read Rabinowitz’s piece here.

One thought on “BDS and the Future of Israel

  1. Gee. Nice to see the AAA taking a bold stand.

    I anxiously await their future boycotts targeting all the (many) other universities situated in (all the many other) countries targeting human rights (North Korea comes to mind; and so does the sound of chirping crickets).

    I would say “hypocrisy”, but a hypocritical act based on intention assumes more rational thought than I currently am willing to attribute to voting members of the AAA.

    Pathetic. Glad to know I soon can retire from this pseudo-educational occupation (oops. In context, let’s make that “profession”).


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